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MDC Generator v1.1B


This version of the MDC Generator is outdated. Newer versions are available in this dedicated page (from the top menu: “F-14 & RIO” โ†’ “Mission Datacard Generator“)

Howdy folks!
I planned to release the next version of the MDC Generator when a number of features in my list where completed but this is going to take quite a long time. A couple of days ago I shared a WIP version with another user so why not sharing my latest version to everyone any way? ๐Ÿ™‚

This version introduces the Fuel Consumption model results for the CAS profile, meaning that the fuel estimates part in the Payload sheet is not a placeholder anyone.
Quite a few things are still left to do before moving to the MDC Generator v1.2, such as a function that suggests the Bingo value to set; separating the data sheets from the “GUI”, so the latter can be updated without having to import your custom data and so on.


    1. Hi mate, that’s because it’s based on Google Spreadsheet. I preferred it over Libreoffice Calc or Excel because I don’t have to share files, only a simple link. I could have created it on a website but then there can be issues of bandwith, max num or queries and so on. So Google Drive is the simplest choice. That being said, you may be able to export it to Excel or Calc but I’m not sure how the scripts would react.
      I use only Firefox, but if you have Chrome, IIRC there’s an extension for it that allows you to work with Google Docs offline.


      1. Thanks for you answere. I tried to export it from Google Drive, but I always got errors on some data-ranges, when opening in Excel, saying there are some information that cannot be read


  1. Oh that’s odd. Once you create your copy you should be good. The functions sometimes take a few seconds to be loaded (especially on the first run) and you also need to authorize it to make changes when you try to use the “reset” buttons (they need to access to revert queries and values).

    Please let me know which data ranges have issues, so I can have a look.
    I wish I had more time to spend on the site and the MDC but, being just a hobby, sometimes I need to rush and I don’t squash all the bugs ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. When opening the downloaded xls, Excel asks to repair not readable parts. When I accept to do, at the end I get the Error Meassage for three sheets: formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet7.xml-Part; formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet13.xml-Part; formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet22.xml-Part


  3. I see, I’m afraid it won’t work when exported to Excel then, you have to stick to Google Spreadsheet I’m afraid. Sorry mate.


  4. No problem, waiting for next version; by now I try to transfere table after table – but it seems, there are some lines, I’ll have to ask you, how to take over
    best regards from Styria


  5. When using the reset button on the planner (next to the flightplan), it wrongly set J and K columns to check for Ux=1 and Ux+1=1 instead of Vx=1 and Vx+1=1 to see if there are actual coordinates in the FP.


    1. Good find, thanks! That’s the problem of adding features rather than having a streamlined developing plan.

      I changed the MDC, you can either re-get your copy of change lines 134 and 135 of the script editor as follows:

      and 183 to:


  6. Thanks; I could identify one problem I have: my Excel is in German – so I have to change all commas (,) to semikolons (;) in the formulas
    One thing I could not identify: sheet MissionOptions – how is the map choice defined, where does it refere to?
    best regards


    1. In my MDC it comes with a space in-between: “Mission Options”. It’s the first sheet, where you select the map or custom sheets as data sources.
      You know, I’m afraid that this MDC simply won’t work on Excel (I’d be happy to be wrong though!).


      1. I only forgot the space in my reply; I could identify a hidden column as source for the maps


    2. Sheet _W_DI lines 37, 41 and 42 there seems to be an error in the formula, there always is the result No Value on VLOOKUP(optically it seems correct


      1. That sheet is not used anymore. Initially I wanted to calculate the DI for every single part, eventually I give up: too many things to take into account, some data are missing (MAK79) and so on.
        Besides, there is a known error on the DI there: the weapon mount for the AIM-54 is only one, no matter the amount of AIM-54 you are mounting (according to the F-14A NATOPS). You know what, it’s better if I remove the DI from the MDC Generator, I’d rather not give wrong info ๐Ÿ™‚


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