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DCSNZA Event with “Bio”

DCSNZA has organized an event for tonight (2230z) with one of the most known former F-14 RIOs: Dave “Bio” Baranek.
Author of books such as Topgun Days, his interview are always very interesting and easy to find on the internet (I recommend the ones from Aircrew Interview).

“Bio” is also about to release a new book: “Tomcat Rio: A Topgun Instructor on the F-14 Tomcat and the Heroic Naval Aviators Who Flew It“, available from the 21/07/2020 (thanks 132nd.Mosquito for the heads-up). This may be an occasion to get to know more details about this book as well.

The event will be streamed on DCSNZ’s Twitch Channel and later uploaded on their Youtube channel.
More information about the event here.

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