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FlyAndWire – Two Years!

Another year has gone. Not this crazy 2020, but another year in F&W, since I opened it in September 2018. As I did last time, here are some numbers for the lovers of statistics. Going forward I will skip these “birthdays” and compare only at the beginning of the new year.

Views are getting close to 60,000, at the moment of writing, 58,785. Definitely the best year so far so thank you guys!

The number I’m most proud of is the ratio between visitors and viewed pages, now at 4.76. This means that visitors stop and read more than one page, which is the opposite of what a click-bait websites do 🙂

When it comes to posting, I post less often but the articles are much longer (understandable as I covered massive topics such as the BVR Timeline).

The most read articles overall are the BVR Timeline and the other two linked articles (the Overview of the Timeline and Radar Sanitization), followed by the Antenna Elevation model, the Export of MFD/MPCD and avionics to a second monitor, the AIM-54 Probability of Kill model, the Introduction to Package Leadership wrote by Sithis and the Interview to “FTV.Duke” (MB-339’s FM dev).

Countries-wise, the USA are the origin of most views (of course). Europe, considered as a whole, generates a much greater number of viewers:

I am surprised about France, but I know they have some terrific and prolific communities (I spent ages lurking CheckSix 15y ago, just to name one).
Italy is not a surprise instead, as I hosted a couple of workshops in Italian with different groups (SIG and JATF).


Going forward, I aim to complete the journey started with the discussion about the BVR Timeline, down to WVR, merge and eventually Intercept Geometry. Such journey as already started with the article about the transition from BVR to WVR. Nevertheless, the road is still incredibly long.

Besides these topics, I mean to continue with the new series “Back to Basics“, fully dedicated to new players. If you have ideas about new topics to cover just drop me a line!

I have no plans about the F-14A at the moment, as the avionics should be quite similar to the F-14B (I may just cover the different toys such as the AN/ALR-45 RWR).
I will instead spend as much time as possible on the new WCS announced by Heatblur in October 2019, when it will be finally delivered.

Closing Notes

So, folks, I always said that this is just a hobby. Nevertheless, it’s an incredibly time-consuming hobby. As my spare time is Missing-In-Action due to real life matters (job, family and so on), I am considering how feasible is maintaining this site going forward. I don’t like the idea of maintaining a dead site so the alternatives are either shutting it down (perhaps making the content available via PDF) or finding collaborators happy to add mode depth and variety by covering, for example, the Pilot seat of the F-14B (and the upcoming A), RW tactics and employment, MiG-23 MLA and so on.

That being said, stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and thanks for your support!

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