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Virtual Backseaters Volume I: F-14 RIO – First Public Draft

The first public draft of the book is waiting for you! This version is still heavily Work-In-Progress, and aims to collect feedback and comments.
Let me know what you think about it!

After more than a month of work, 85,000 words, 500,000 characters, 349 pages; the first public draft of “VBSvI: F-14 RIO” is now ready to be presented to the public: you!.

This is a very early version of the book. Lots of content are still missing and the long work necessary to update and standardize lexicon, grammar and style is not even started yet. However, this release aims to collect feedback, opinions and better understand if the structure of the document works or amendments are necessary, before proceeding further.

For this release, I removed a couple of Chapters with no content yet, but left others barely started and marked with three asterisks.
Going forward, the focus will be on finishing the Air-to-ground chapter and the Intercept Geometry. Later, improving the initial and introductory parts, to smooth the transition from basic concepts to more in-depth notions, and therefore easing the learning curve.

You can download the book here. Any feedback is welcome!


  1. If you need an editor or proof reader I would be happy to help, free of charge. With all due respect to your work the article above has several errors in it.


    1. “Several”? I call it a win!
      Jokes aside, the last 18 months saw my spare time steadily progress towards zero, so I often don’t even re-read any more. I write when I can during the night and hope for the best.
      If you want to dive into the masochistic endeavour of proofreading my manual, by all means, be my guest! Myself and every reader will certainly appreciate your effort 🙂


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