About Me

About Me

I got addicted to flight sims with F-22 ADF back in late ’90; later I ventured into Il2, then FB and so on. As Black Shark has been released I moved from FW to the RW and never looked back.
I currently am a proud (yet quite bad) Ka-50 pilot in the 132nd Virtual Wing.
The ultimate goal is getting a PPL but there is still a long way to go!

I have played with PC and then worked in IT since I was a kid. I have worked on almost everything between PHP and assembler (C, C++, Java, VB, VBA, XHTML, SQL, assembler 8086, assembler PIC16; you name it). The real game changed has been Arduino – and the main reason why I have opened this blog: this is a place where I can share what I have learned so far about Arduino and my experiences in DCS. Some things might interest you, some others might sound silly. Who cares, as long as we enjoy our time 🙂


Happy about my guides, tutorials, firmwares? Consider a Donation. I don’t plan to make a living out of Arduino (well, I must admit that having DCS paying my bills would be amazing 😀 ) so I don’t want to invest personal resources in this blog. I’d love to expand it though, adding a forum to make comms and contact easier also because, s I have already mentioned, I am happy to help you develop your code for your Control Boxes absolutely for free. Just contact me here 🙂