• Discord: this server is meant as a stop-by place for questions and discussions, rather than another community (there are plenty already, some are listed below). A good place to stop by to leave the always welcomed feedback and comments.
  • YouTube: brand-new channel, named after the website. Some older videos are re-uploads from the old, personal, channel.
  • Twitter: the Twitter account is used mostly as a news feed.
  • Facebook: similarly to Twitter, news and articles are posted automatically to Facebook.
  • Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon: thousands of hours have been spent studying and putting together the content you can freely read here. So, if you like my content, consider getting me a coffee! 🙂
    I’d really appreciate it, and it will help to cover the costs of space and domain.

DCS • Groups&Orgs

  • Sabre Squadron (Discord)

    I did most of the initial practice and tests with them when I jumped into the F-14.
    Sabre Squadron is a really enjoyable group of friends, if you are looking for a balanced gaming experience and a lot of fun, you can’t go wrong with them.
  • 132nd Virtual Wing

    Then 132nd Virtual Wing, named after the 132nd Wing of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, supports the vast majority of the modern modules available in DCS, each playing its part during their very realistic missions and campaigns.
    Easily the most organized DCS group I have ever been the pleasure to fly with.

DCS • Communities

  • Tomcat Alley (Discord)

    One of, if not the, best Discord server if you are interested in the F-14. At the moment it counts ~1400 members.
  • Hoggit (Reddit)

    A good, noob-friendly, community. It is a good place to start if you are new to DCS. Be sure to check their Discord and gaming servers as well!
  • Eagle Dynamics (Discord)

    Less known than their forums, the Discord of Eagle Dynamics is another good place to start if you are new to DCS. The section organized by languages is very handy if you are not English native speaker.

ArmA 3 • Groups&Orgs

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