Virtual Backseaters Volume I: F-14 Radar Intercept Officer

This page provides a summary of the releases of VBSvI: F-14 RIO, and the links to download the most recent public version.

This book includes most of the contents from this website, updated (or being updated) and many not available here. The book presents the contents in a more coherent manner, providing a sense of progression that can be hardly achieved on a website that uses a blog-style format.

Drafts and previews are shared to Patreons and to the friends who kindly provide feedback and corrections via my Discord server.


Download the most recent Public version here: VBS Volume I: F-14 Radar Intercept Officer


Version Title Date Pages Focus/Info
Internal WIP Version Draft 208R 03/08/22 780 A-G, low-level navigation.
Public Release Public Draft IV b
Ex Int. Draft 108S
05/05/22 650 More information
Public Release Public Draft III
Ex Int. Draft 71
08/12/21 454 More information
Public Release Public Draft II
Ex Int. Draft 61
24/10/21 400 More information

Public Release Public Draft I
Ex Int. Draft 54
09/10/21 349 More information

The number of pages is not a meaningful metre of the progress: the first draft was put together in about a month, as the content was readily available on this website. After that, the contents have to be written and checked, images taken and videos put together.


  • 05/05/2022 Draft 108S: Public Draft IV update;
  • 24/03/2022 Draft 103S: Public Draft IV;
  • 08/12/2021 Draft 71b: Public Draft III;
  • 08/12/2021 Draft 71: Public Draft III, RC1;
  • 24/10/2021 Draft 61: Draft II released;
  • 21/10/2021 Draft 60: Public Draft II, RC1
  • 11/10/2021 Draft 56: First round of corrections;
  • 09/10/2021 Draft 54: Draft I released;
  • 09/10/2021 Draft 53: Public Draft I, RC2;
  • 06/10/2021 Draft 51: Public Draft I, RC1;
  • 05/10/2021 Draft 47: first private release for feedback;
  • 02/09/2021 Draft 1: opera start.

Note: since Draft 201, font size, spacing, margins, etc reduced by 20%-30%. Pages down from 760 to 645. Draft 118S is the last with the old layout. Draft 118S is the last before skipping to 201. In Draft 202, spacing reduced further (~5%/10%). Eventually, provided feedback pushed me to go back to 12px base font, jumping to 802 pages. I then proceeded to polish and vertically trim every image in the book to reduce the amount of empty half-pages, one of the reasons why I reduced fonts and margins in the first place.

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