Kneeboard Pack

This page is dedicated to my Kneeboard Pack. In the past I wrote a news every time I released a new version but having a unique, single, page makes the organization of the content much simpler.
The pack always contains all the pages I put together, feel free to delete any non-relevant to you.

The Latest versions: 3i (download)


  • F-14B / F-14A-135-GR

    1. 000 – RIO Startup Procedure v2
      Quick and dirty startup procedure for the backseater.
      Last update 16/07/2022, added notes for AHRS resynchronisation for carrier operations (Important!).
    2. 001 – F-14B Fuel Consumption Model v1
      Reference fuel consumption chart for the F-14B in default CAP configuration (4/2/2).
      Last update 18/03/2020.
    3. 002 – NAVGRID Settings
      Reference values and settings for the NAVGRID. This page is aimed to new players.
      Last update 15/04/2020.
    4. 010 – TACAN INS Fix v1
      TCN INS Update reference sheet with details of the TACAN station of the airfields in the Caucasus and the Persian Gulf maps (TCN, Latlong, MagVar, Elevation).
      Last update 03/10/2019. Note that the PG map has been updated since the release of this page and that the MagVar changes over time (the date in this sheet is 2011. More info here).
    5. 011 – INS Fix: Visual, LINK4C, Radar
      Notes about additional means to update a drifted INS.
      Last update 03/10/2019.
    6. 015 – RIO-Pilot cross-checks list v3b
      A list of useful cross-checks for different steps of the flight (i.e. before taxi, FENCE IN, Landing, etc).
      Last update 03/10/2019.
    7. 016 – RIO-Pilot CV Ops checks v1
      A draft of what should have been a short but comprehensive set of checks for CV Ops. I never completed it.
      Last update 17/07/2020.
    8. 017 – CV Ops: Case I – DRAFT v1
      Simple page to summarize the CASE I depart, approach and recovery.
      Last update 29/06/2021.
    9. 020 – AWG-9 Elevation model v5
      From one of my first articles, a table to compute the antenna elevation angle as a function of the range and the Δ Altitude.
      Later, added mnemonic formula and two examples.
      Last update 03/05/2021.
    10. 030 – Radar coverage – test 1b
      A test for three contracts to manage radar sanitization and subdivision of the airspace.
      Last update 03/10/2019.
    11. 040 – BVR Timeline Flow v1
      BVR Timeline flow example with default timeline distances, A-Pole and F-Pole.
      Last update 22/03/2020. Note that the TTI indicator in the AWG-9 was not working back then so A-Pole had to be approximated or manually calculated.
    12. 041 – Air to Air flow – v6
      BVR Timeline datasheet, notes.
      Last update 02/04/2020. As the previous, it is based on the original WCS implementation.
    13. 042 – Modern Intercept Gameplans – Draft 1
      Modern Intercept Geometry gameplans, based on the P-825/17. It is still a draft.
      Last update 20/01/2020.
    14. 043 – CATA for non co-speed Intercepts – Draft 1
      A reference page showing the value of CATA for non co-speed intercepts.
      Reference article: ΔV in non co-speed intercepts: Empirical Assessment
      Last update 12/02/2020.
    15. 060 – CAS Ripple Interval parameters Mk82 Low Drag – v1
      A table with the interval number to set in order to drop Mk82 LD following a desired ripple interval with the pilot flying at a pre-determined altitude and diving angle. When the values are not totally matching, the closest has been selected.
      Last update 13/03/2020.
    16. 060 – CAS Ripple Interval parameters Mk82 High Drag (SnakeEye) – v1
      Similar as the precedent, but to calculate the correct ripple interval following a number of parameters to deliver the Mk-82 High Drag using the SnakeEye retardant device.
      Last update 07/03/2020.
  • Ka-50

    1. 132nd 696th Pressure Table
      Ancient conversion table for mmHg, inHg and millibars I put together when I used to fly the Ka-50 and ATIS did not provide mmHg.
      Last update: 11/09/2018.



Rather than an installation, it is just a matter of copy-pasting in the usual /kneeboard folder.
If you are not familiar with the kneeboard in DCS, more info can be found in this article.

“Night mode”

Most of the pages are available with dark background. I simply inverted the colours, you can use the same technique and change some details if you prefer, starting from the originals having white background.


  • Version 3i – 16/07/2022
    Updated 000. Added note for AHRS re-sync in CV ops.
  • Version 3h – 29/06/2021
    Added 017. CASE I departure and recovery.
  • Version 3g – 03/05/2021
    Updated 020. Added Mnemonic formula.
  • Version 3f – 12/02/2021
    Added 043 Draft.
  • Version 3e – 03/02/2021
    Added 042 Draft.
  • Version 3d – 29/03/2020
    Last version pre-reorganization of the page. Please refer to this article for the details of the contents.

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