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DCS: F-4E Phantom II Announced – Here come the spookies!

25th of January. 2100z. Another day is drawing to a close. Another page added to the book. About to close Firefox and call it a day.
Then, a ping on Discord, and all of a sudden, the evening got waaay spookier.

All hail the new “best-DCS-module-ever™ “: DCS F-4E Phantom II, by Heatblur Simulations.

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2022: The year of the Phantom?

As the vast majority of the playerbase celebrates the 2022 as the year of the Apache, we, the few, look forward to that tiny bit of spoiler left by Eagle Dynamics in their traditional end-of-year video, eagerly awaiting to jump in the rear seat of one of the most iconic aircraft ever built.