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2022: The year of the Phantom?

As the vast majority of the playerbase celebrates the 2022 as the year of the Apache, we, the few, look forward to that tiny bit of spoiler left by Eagle Dynamics in their traditional end-of-year video, eagerly awaiting to jump in the rear seat of one of the most iconic aircraft ever built.

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Light Infantry: Training & Tactics Videos – ArmA3

In the festive period that close every year, many virtual groups and wings cease their operations, and will resume with the new year. Similarly, I decided to pause the usual work to focus on reading (mostly books about the F-4 Phantom II) and playing something more relaxing. Namely, I reinstalled ArmA3 after a few years and played a new DLC. This brought back a few great memories.


Gunner, HEAT, PC! new Steam page!

Us poor souls looking for a decent tank game and went through World of Tanks, War Thunder GRB/GSB and tried Steel Beasts, probably noticed the wide void between low-effort F2P games* and the simulative level of Steel Beasts. The new Il2 begs to differ but, as the name suggests, it is set in the WW2.
What is left, then?

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Intercept Geometry – Part XII: In-Depth Timeline (from “Picture” to “Crank”)

Compared to the Simplified Timeline, this overview poses a much greater emphasis on understanding and manipulating the geometry, maximise PK and improving the Situational Awareness.
Due to the length of the discussion, this Part of the study covers from the initial phases of the Timeline, down to the post-employment. There are various possible next steps after this: for example, launch-and-leave, or press for a FOX-1 employment. Part XIII will discuss one of the options.

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A look at Tactical Pascale’s Simple Intercept Video

This article is part of the postmortem of the Intercept Geometry study in “Virtual Backseaters Volume I”.
I originally used another video, instead of Tactical Pascale’s. However, his video is clear, straightforward, and easy to understand. It greatly shows the application of a simple intercept to DCS, and it helps to discussion about the purpose of studying the (declassified) details of the Intercept Geometry.