Quick News & Updates – Log

A simple log of the Quick News & Updates posted so far.

Sone minor news are not worth of a dedicated article. For example, a minor update to a firmware, or a new page of the Kneeboard Pack. In the new, dedicated box on the right, you can find a simple list of News and Updates. This page instead works as a log to store older updates, starting from the 07/03/2021.

  1. 28/06/2022
    Added video to Simplified Stern Conversion article.
  2. 24/03/2022
    VBSv1 Public Draft IV available to Collaborators and Patrons. Soon available to everyone.
  3. 10/01/2022
    I am updating domain&settings. Some URL may be broken. Bear with me whilst I sort them out.
  4. 30/06/2021
    Updated Kneeboard Pack, added CASE I page.
  5. 03/05/2021
    Updated kneeboard pack.
  6. 26/06/2021
    Updated TWS short video analysis.
  7. 13/05/2021
    Added short video to the article about setting Countermeasures in the F-14 (AN/ALE-39 and LAU-138).
  8. 06/05/2021
    Added notes to Single Player RIO Training article.
  9. 03/05/2021
    Updated kneeboard pack.
  10. 09/04/2021
    First gameplay video in 9 months! Short flight in Syria At War (alpha).
  11. 31/03/2021
    Updated My setup Q1 article.
  12. 10/03/2021
    Updated Links page.
  13. 07/03/2021
    Uploaded new version of the Arduino TACAN firmware (updated DCS-BIOS F-14 plugin calls).

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