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A look at Tactical Pascale’s Simple Intercept Video

This article is part of the postmortem of the Intercept Geometry study in “Virtual Backseaters Volume I”.
I originally used another video, instead of Tactical Pascale’s. However, his video is clear, straightforward, and easy to understand. It greatly shows the application of a simple intercept to DCS, and it helps to discussion about the purpose of studying the (declassified) details of the Intercept Geometry.

Real Life

Tomcat-Dedicated Podcast: The F-14 Tomcast

Shoutout to this terribly underrated podcast.
The F-14 Tomcast is wholly dedicated to our beloved Grumman F-14 Tomcat (what else could it be with that name, innit? 🙂 ). Hosts are the former F-14 pilot Craig “Crunch” Snyder and the former RIO Dave “Bio” Baranek, along a guest in every episode.

Website & News

Discord launched!

Opened months ago, FlyAndWire’s Discord server has been inactive, its invite link public but hidden in the Links page for a long time, waiting for a purpose.
Now, it can be a useful tool to collect feedback and suggestions about Virtual Backseaters Volume I!