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BVR & Timeline Study 2023 – First Five Chapters Available

The fist five Chapters of the new BVR & Timeline study are available on YouTube, for a total of almost 2h of content.

The first initial study of the BVR Timeline was posted in 2020, as the result of long studies (starting from zero) as the F-14 was released in EA in DCS.
Long years after, I decided to update and upgrade the first attempt at understanding the basics of BVR, focusing on creating a series of videos to complement the articles written through the years.

After several months of work, here are the first five Chapters, covering from the basics of geometry to comms & controller, to the details of a first, simple, timeline.

  1. Introduction and Disclaimer – Chapter 1 – 05:31
    This introductory part of the new BVR Timeline series presents the chapters that compose it and clarifies the sources used.
    If you are not new to this topic, feel free to skip this video and move directly to Chapter 2. Remember, however, the greatest takeaway: different sources, depending on country, era, agency and so on, provide different perspective on these topics. Therefore, discrepancies are expected.

  2. Intercept Geometry: Basics – Chapter 2
    This Chapter is divided into two parts.

    • Intercept Geometry: Basics – Chapter 2.1 – 14:57
      The first part of this Chapter introduces the theory, and the concepts always involved in Air-to-Air combat.

    • Geometry Applications and Examples – Chapter 2.2 – 10:55
      Chapter 2.2 concludes the brief overview of elementary geometry showing a number of practical applications, starting from the basic understanding of the displays, to how the geometry can be manipulated to achieve the objective. Most importantly, it should show how easily this is done: eventually, all it will take is a glance at the display to predict how the engagement will evolve.
  3. Controllers: Eyes of the Sky – Chapter 3 – 32:09
    This brief video broadly introduces the figure of the Controller, basic comms and lexicon, also using recordings from real life engagements (Gulf of Sidra 1981 and 1989, and a modern exercise).

  4. Timeline Overview, Radars, and other topics – Chapter 4
    This Chapter is divided into two parts.

    • Timeline Overview & Radars – Chapter 4.1 – 09:05
      This Chapter proposes a first glance and what a Timeline is, and what it does. Part I also includes a brief mention of radars, how they are used, the appropriate modes and differences.

    • Crew Comms, Contract, Definitions – Chapter 4.2 – 10:38
      A last round of concepts before diving into the details of the Timeline: cranking, notching, crew comms and more.
  5. From Departure to FOX-3 – Chapter 5
    After a lengthy introduction, we finally get to shoot something!
    This Chapter covers the details of the engagement flow, starting from the ground post startup, to taxi and departure. Then, every step of the Timeline is discussed, detailing comms, using real recordings as well, and the reasoning behind the process.

The complete playlist is available here.
I have also updated the page dedicated to Procedures and Operations. On that page, you can find the long list of articles dedicated to the topics covered in the videos.

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