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GRUMMAN F-14A/B Kneeboard for DCS

The activity of our F-14 Tomcat pilots in our squadron prompted us to create a "Quick Reference Kneeboard". This pack contains checklists, useful data and graphics that help understand certain calculations.

In the German squadron Jagdgeschwader- Frankonia (Discord Server), we mainly fly Navy-based aircraft. Some of our members do have real life aviation experience in the field, being pilots, ATC or AIC/GCI. Therefore, we like to work out several procedures regarding communications and A2A tactics close to real-life.

Last page of this pack contains a small riddle for all the virtual Tomcat backseaters out there. Are you able to solve it?


The kneeboard pack is available for download on the Download page.


  • Checklist for Pilot & RIO
    Checklists that are based on Data from the official F-14´s NAVAIR document or directly from Heatblur. Edited and useful, adjusted to DCS.
  • Cross checklist Pilot/RIO
    Basically, a version of FlyAndWire added with certain information.
  • Descent & Landing Information
    One page that shows how to calculate a descent and nail the approach.
    Furthermore, a velocity chart for “on-speed-trim” depending on aircraft weight.
  • INS Update & Map Data
    Information for the TACAN INS FIX containing coordinates for all current DCS Maps.
  • Radar elevation overview and maths
    A simple and helpful graphical overview of how to calculate the radar elevation.
  • Symbology Overview for TID and VDI
    Two pages of graphics and TID symbols to get the correct meaning of each symbol.
  • RWR Threat Table
    Data of all current DCS radar emitters for the Tomcats AN/ALR67 RWR.
  • BVR Timeline including communication
    FlyAndWire BVR timeline flow added with communication by a former ACI/GCI.

I will keep this Kneeboard-Pack updated throughout the announced DCS Map releases.

Maybe I’ll be adding a simplified calculation overview of how to gain Crosswind-/Headwind components (CWC/HWC) and the Wind Correction-Angle (WCA).

Enjoy the kneeboard pack and as always – fly safe ;). 

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