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New Series – “BVR Timeline 2023”

Almost four years after my first article and video about BVR Timelines and Geometry, I finally started a complete refresh and overhaul of the documentation written so many moons ago.

The process has started several months ago with the in-depth look at how the new AIM-54 Phoenix (video only, presently, I haven’t found the strength to go through 50+ charts yet!), and previously the AIM-7 Sparrow, behave nowadays. Next, I worked on a MAR assessment: the plan was building complete WEZ models, but it was just too much work for an aspect of the game that is severely work-in-progress (at least I hope so, if you know what I mean).

A different Take

Contrary to the previous effort, which revolved entirely around the F-14 Tomcat, the AIM-54 Phoenix, and the figure of the Radar Intercept Officer, this new series embraces a wider audience: for example, during the discussion about ATA and TA, I have shown how these values are represented both on the TID of the Tomcat, but also on the attack displays of the F/A-18C and the F-16. Generally speaking, I am trying to show how data is displayed on the TID, but also on b-scopes.

“Timeline 2023”: Content so far

I have labelled the new series “Timeline 2023”. The name should clearly remark how this is a fresh and updated take on the topic. Moreover, it is a vastly more polished and in-depth discussion, to embrace, or at least mention, all those concepts that can really make the difference.

So far, I have released Chapter I, the Introduction and Disclaimers.

I have then released Chapter 2.1, the first half of the discussion about the Fundamentals of Intercept Geometry. Since the first feedback pointed out how the voiceover was too quick, I went through the entirety of the video, painfully increasing the separation between sentences, and making it 3 minutes longer.

SE stands of “Slow Edition”, of course!

Chapter 2.2 is ready, and shows practical examples of how using the concepts explained in Chapter 2.1 both increase our awareness and the effects of our engagement. The video still needs a bit of polishing, but it is fundamentally done. I aim to release it to Patrons tomorrow, and to the public next week.

Once more Chapters are released, I will create a dedicated page to this series.

But can I leave you without a little spoiler? Of course not!

Boats in ArmA3 to explain fighters’ intercept geometry?!

The Future

This is a long-term effort. The planned Chapters are discussed in Chapter I, and they span across several topics before finally discussing the proper Timeline. For example, Chapter 3 will focus on the Controller, introducing concepts such as the Bullseye, the Picture, and common comms. Next, a “high-level” look at the Timeline, before finally diving into it. Lastly, MAR/NEZ and how multiple parameters affect the values of DOR, DR, MAR, and therefore the whole execution.

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