The F-14 Radar Intercept Officer

The following is a collection of my articles about the F-14 and the Radar Intercept Officer role, rearranged by topic.
A comprehensive and chronologically ordered list is available here.

If you feel a bit lost, perhaps you can start from this collection of Short questions and answers about the RIO role and cockpit.

The Weapon

F-14B Payload Weight Calculator

Air to Ground

LANTIRN and Guided Bombs
RIO Seat: Ground Attack & Iron Bombs
The Mk-20 Rockeye Cluster Bomb: Observations

Air to Air

Unsung Hero: The AIM-7 Sparrow [Part I]
The AIM-7 Sparrow: Loft Performance [Part II]
New AIM-54 Brief Look. Part I: Guidance
New AIM-54 Brief Look. Part II: Energy
[Outdated] AIM-54 Performance Study
[Outdated]AIM-54 Probability of Kill – IV – Medium and Long Range
[Outdated]AIM-54 Probability of Kill – III – The Altitude Factor
[Outdated]AIM-54 Probability of Kill – II – Low Altitude
[Outdated]AIM-54 Probability of Kill – I – Introduction


RIO seat: Quick look at the Countermeasures (AN/ALE-39 and LAU-138)

The Machine


AWG-9 WCS Advanced Part I (Introduction; PRF, P/PD/CW; Zero Doppler Filter)
AWG-9 WCS Advanced Part II (Pulse Doppler, Pulse and Notching)
AWG-9 WCS Advanced Part III (IFF, ASPECT switch, TCS)
AWG-9 WCS Advanced Part IV (MRL, Ground mapping, Manoeuvring&lock, VSL)
Introduction to the RIO seat: Antenna Elevation, MLC, Countering notching, TWS
Antenna Elevation Angle Quick Formula
AWG-9 Antenna Elevation Study Part II
AWG-9 Antenna Elevation Study Part I
RIO seat: AWG-9 WCS Guidance and AIM-54
AIM-54 and AWG-9 WCS: Observations about Lofted Trajectory and Range

The Interface

Detail Data Display (DDD) in Pulse Doppler mode
Notes on the AN/ALR-67 RWR
TID Part II: Aircraft Stab mode
TID Part I: Ground Stab mode
F-14 RIO Tip: CAP and TID
F-14 RIO Tip: Waypoint creation (Keypad, DDD, TID)
NAVGRID Setup and Reference Sheet

INS and Navigation

AN/ASN−92 INS Part I: Components
AN/ASN-92 INS Part III: Carrier Operations
AN/ASN-92 INS Part IV: Fix Update and Troubleshooting
Earth Magnetic Field Part I: MagVar & INS
Earth Magnetic Field Part II: MagVar Reference Table
F-14: TACAN controls and usage
F-14 INS: F/F LINK 4C and Unorthodox Fixes
F-14 INS: Visual Update
F-14 INS: TACAN Update
F-14 INS: Radar Fix Update

Aircraft Performance

F-14B Fuel Consumption Model – Part I: Modus Operandi
F-14B Fuel Consumption Model – Part II: AoA, Flaps and Consistency
F-14B Fuel Consumption Model – Part III: CAP Loadout

The Crew

RIO Techniques and SOP

Note (20/02/21): I moved the articles related to concepts applicable to multiple aircraft (e.g. Intercept Geometry or BVR Timeline) to a new page dedicated to Procedures and Operations.

Ground Mapping & Navigation: Some Tests
‘Crank’ Manoeuvre (Updated)
BRAA Calls: Bearing and Relative Bearing
RIO-Pilot interaction: Cross-checks list
Closure and Collision: TID “Hot” and “Cold” Sides
Determining Target Aspect: the BDHI


F-14 and NS 430
Kneeboard Pack v3
RIO Hasty Startup Procedure
Pilot’s RIOing Brief Manual
F-14 Mission Datacard Generator

NOTE: the missing links refers to articles still WIP, ready to be released or planned. Take those as spoiler about future contents 🙂

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