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GRUMMAN F-14A/B Kneeboard for DCS

The activity of our F-14 Tomcat pilots in our squadron prompted us to create a “Quick Reference Kneeboard”. This pack contains checklists, useful data and graphics that help understand certain calculations.

DCS F-14 & RIO Gaming

Simplified: Navigation Command and Control Grid (NAV GRID)

The Navigation Command and Control Grid or NAV GRID was designed to enable easy navigation and CAP control from a common fixed reference point. As an extended function of GND STAB, it enables TID readout of bearing and range from that set reference point, referred to as YY. Additionally, it also displays a grid extending from YY along a set threat axis. The purpose of the grid itself is to allow for quick position reference while a precise readout is available for a hooked target, as well as voice codes. Practically this is useful for Bullseye calls when receiving picture updates from controllers.