MDC Generator v1.1B

Howdy folks!
I planned to release the next version of the MDC Generator when a number of features in my list where completed but this is going to take quite a long time. A couple of days ago I shared a WIP version with another user so why not sharing my latest version to everyone any way? 🙂

This version introduces the Fuel Consumption model results for the CAS profile, meaning that the fuel estimates part in the Payload sheet is not a placeholder anyone.
Quite a few things are still left to do before moving to the MDC Generator v1.2, such as a function that suggests the Bingo value to set; separating the data sheets from the “GUI”, so the latter can be updated without having to import your custom data and so on.

Get your copy of the MDC Generator v1.1B here. Since this is a quite unplanned release, there may be bugs here and there. Feel free to report them and suggest features!

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