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Virtual Backseaters Vol I – Public Draft V

Public Draft V of VBs Vol. I: F-14 RIO is now available for download.
It adds a hefty amount of content, and the first round of improvements.

The previous version of my book / extended manual was released more than four months ago. As it turns out, writing content takes a lot of time 🙂
This version adds a good amount of content, some of which I posted on these pages already. Such as:

Core new stuff

  • Air-to-ground: a quick view at some basic techniques used primarily by the F-4E and adjusted to the F-14, along some examples. The pop-up discussion (from F-16 material) is still WIP: there are considerations and caveats that make a 1:1 porting to the Tomcat not as immediate as it sounds;
  • Timeline: a (imo very interesting) discussion with RL crews about timelines, how they are planned and the modus operandi;
  • Air intercepts: more information about air intercepts control: Bullseye, BRAA but also comms. I plan to add a series of example to better show the meaning of the most important descriptors, brevities and fill-ins used (e.g from “Champagne”, to “Stack”, to “Gorilla”). Note that this part is very time-consuming, and only the extended list of brevities is included at the moment;
  • General updates: more charts, more information about radars (see image below, showing the AWG-10), avionics, Controlled A-G, chats with real-life personnel, various corrections and updates, more details about the usage of every part of the avionics in the run-through and much more;
Note: As always, any part showing three asterisks (***) is WIP, due to be expanded or reviewed, or waiting for further game updates or simply spare time.

For the lovers of numbers, the new lease includes 804 pages, 194,500 words, 1,134,000 characters, 610+ images.


The new version of the book can be downloaded from the usual dedicated page.

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