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Gunner, HEAT, PC! now available!

Finally the wait is over. Gunner, HEAT, PC! is now available in Early Access on Steam!

As announced in the previous Dev Stream, GHPC is now available for early access at a discounted price (10% off).
Check the game’s Steam page here.

EA Launch Trailer:

The following is a recap list of the features mentioned in the August Dev Stream:

  • Base price: 30$;
  • Launch discount: 10%, it will last one week;
  • Full release price will increase;
  • The build will be similar to the one available to Patreon supporters. One more major release before EA (next week, probably);
  • Patreon supporters get the game for free if they have given at least 25$ in total;
  • EA will last most likely 1y.

The dev stream proceeds and goes into the details of the roadmap. These are the main points:

  1. Basic Campaign: continuity, basic mechanics, load/save options;
  2. Fire Support: artillery, aircraft and new mechanics;
  3. Infantry: mount/dismount, proper behaviour, deployable heavy weapons;
  4. Soviets: assets, voice over, new gameplay;
  5. Detailed Crew: animations, tasking, postures;
  6. Bundeswehr: assets, voices, gameplay;
  7. Enhanced Destruction: new effects, structural damage, decals and destroyable vegetations;
  8. Expanded Campaign: new mechanics (reconnaissance, logistic, dynamic frontline, etc);
  9. Multiplayer.

The download is about 7 GB, so quite lightweight.
If you are into Tanks and Military Vehicles, then this game will definitely appeal you!

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