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GHPC August Dev Stream + EA Release Info

The new dev stream has just landed on YouTube, featuring great news and details for the upcoming EA of GHPC.

Available since only a few hours ago, the August dev stream of GHPC immediately starts with additional details about the Early Access game release:

  • Release date: 06/09/2022;
  • Release time: at some point in the afternoon, US Eastern time (-6/-7 from the good old Europe);
  • Base price: 30$;
  • Launch discount: 10%, it will last one week;
  • Full release price will increase;
  • The build will be similar to the one available to Patreon supporters. One more major release before EA (next week, probably);
  • Patreon supporters get the game for free if they have given at least 25$ in total;
  • EA will last most likely 1y.

The dev stream proceeds and goes into the details of the roadmap. These are the main points:

  1. Basic Campaign: continuity, basic mechanics, load/save options;
  2. Fire Support: artillery, aircraft and new mechanics;
  3. Infantry: mount/dismount, proper behaviour, deployable heavy weapons;
  4. Soviets: assets, voice over, new gameplay;
  5. Detailed Crew: animations, tasking, postures;
  6. Bundeswehr: assets, voices, gameplay;
  7. Enhanced Destruction: new effects, structural damage, decals and destroyable vegetations;
  8. Expanded Campaign: new mechanics (reconnaissance, logistic, dynamic frontline, etc);
  9. Multiplayer.

This is just a very short recap, I strongly recommend watching the stream in its entirety.
And remember to save the date!

The Gunner HEAT PC Steam page, where you can download the current demo version,

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