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Discord launched!

Opened months ago, FlyAndWire's Discord server has been inactive, its invite link public but hidden in the Links page for a long time, waiting for a purpose.
Now, it can be a useful tool to collect feedback and suggestions about Virtual Backseaters Volume I!

I opened a Discord sever for FlyAndWire months ago. I added the invite in the “Links” area, and it has gone unnoticed almost entirely until now… And that’s good, actually!
The idea behind the Discord server is not having the millionth community to further split the attention and the time of the players; on the contrary, the goal is creating a place suitable for quick exchanges, q&a, feedback and comments.

Feedback, suggestions and commets are now even more important, after the launch of the second draft of Virtual Backseaters Volume I.

This is the invite link for the Discord server. Feel free to join and look around. I post most of the content related to the book in a reserved area for Collaborators and Supporters, but sometimes also publicly, looking for feedback and suggestions.

Speaking of communities, in the aforementioned “Links” page, you can find a bunch of them. If your primary interest is the F-14, then Tomcat Alley may be a good place to meet fellow virtual F-14 Pilots and RIOs.

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