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Virtual Backseaters Volume I: F-14 RIO – Second Public Draft

The second Public Draft of VBSvI - F-14 Radar Intercept Officer is ready for you to check!
There is still a lot to do, in terms of content and corrections, but I am slowly getting there. All feedback helps!


This version of the book is outdated.
A new dedicated page is located here.

Hey folks!

The second draft is now available. We are now at 400 pages, 96,000 words and 555,000 characters!

I corrected a number of errors here and there, but the bulk of the work went towards the completion of the content:

  • Air-to-Ground discussion: this topic is potentially massive, but the F-14A and B are not the ground-pounding beast that the F-14D is so, for the moment, the chapter includes a general introduction to the role, a 9-line CAS brief overview and, in Appendix II, a printable template for check-in and 9-line CAS brief.
    Since AG is not really my forte, I had a chat with both Virtual and real life Controllers (Chapter 15.3);
  • Printable Templates: first sketch of the CAS Template, including aircraft Check-in and two 9-line briefs. Some parts have been omitted, and I’m still wondering whether adding them is worth or not (e.g. BDA).
    The page available at the moment A5-format, later I will create more pages in different formats (id est A6), depending on the feedback;
  • TF30 vs F110: a few tests to measure the performance of the F-14A vs the F-14B and other aircraft such as the F-16C and the F/A-18C, post the patch released four days ago by HB;
  • Bookmarks: the first draft lacked bookmarks, this release includes it to improve readability and navigation;
  • Various: added some sketches for the radar bars, an old WEZ missile study in the Appendix I, added a short chapter about non-precision approaches and ADF.
First draft of the printable CAS Template.

Thank you!

And finally, a huge Thank you to everyone who commented, sent feedback and opinions about the first draft. I implemented quite a number of suggestions from you, so keep them coming! Lastly, another huge thank you to my new Patreons and all the folks that supported me and the website since I opened in 2018.


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