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Virtual Backseaters Volume I: F-14 RIO – Third Public Draft

The Third Public Draft of VBSvI: F-14 Radar Intercept Officer is now available!

The third public draft is now available for download, for a gran total of 454 pages; 110,966 words; 636,378 characters and 325 images!

There are a bunch of new things in this release:

  • New margins: in primis I changed the size of the pages, they are little bigger now, but it helped to drastically reduce the number of half-blank pages because the subsequent image could not fit there. I “lost” ~15 pages in the process;
  • Printable tables and templates: added the ripple interval pre-calculated tables for the Mk-82 HD and Mk-82 LD;
  • Robert Shaw’s Intercepts: in his well-known book “Fighter Combat: Tactics and Manoeuvring“, Shaw covers a number of intercepts. Although superficially, they can be useful to discuss something that is not the usual and boring Stern Conversion turn…
  • Acronyms: a page in the appendix where the Acronyms are explained. In case you are lost in DT, CT, AA, TA, DGT, HCA, et cetera;
  • Cockpit walkthrough for new RIOs: I really did not want to make a copy of the manual, so I briefly covered every device in the cockpit more from the operative perspective, than from a technical stance. For example, it’s good to know where the KY-28 is, but do you really need it for single player or casual gaming?
  • Visual references: a number of sketches to illustrate how to quickly find the relative bearing of any object, using the peculiarity of your cockpit.

The next release will probably one of the last, at least when it comes to major releases. I aim to complete the Air-to-Ground part, adding more constructs and techniques, such as how Kill boxes work, or pop-up attacks and related Z-diagrams.

Lastly, I recently added a page to this website dedicated to track the releases of the book. The link to download this new version is in that page.

As usual, if you want to give feedback and comments or observations, feel free to join our Discord.

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