PSA: Tacview Summer Sale 50% off

Quick public service announcement for all the flight simmers: all editions of Tacview are currently 50% off. The promotion ends on the 09/07/19.

If you are not familiar with Tacview, take a look at this video by the good old Magz; recorded in 2016 but it still gives a very quick idea of the most basic functions of Tacview.

Tacview does much more than that. A more comprehensive list of its features is available here.
Tacview Starter is free to use and it’s more than enough for the vast majority of players. I used it extensively both for testing (such as my article about the AWG-9 WCS) or in some videos.

I do not plan to use any of the advanced features of Tacview but I may end up buying it to support the devs. I would not have been able to write many of my articles and do so many tests without this “little” program!

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