Flight-sims are not the only hobby aviation lovers can follow. Modelling is definitely another, and has a much wider audience too. I found out that a fellow 132nd VW pilot, InFlames is not only a brilliant F-14 virtual driver, but also creates really amazing models of aircraft, dedicated for the most part to the Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily.

He has created VVS modelling, where he reviews models and showcases his work.

I’ve first started with the vvsmodelling.com… just to have a showcase of my work at one place instead of spread out all around different forums. Then I said, there’s no modelling group on the FB dedicated to Soviet or Russian scale models and created one – and in just 6 years we are reaching 10.000 members. Later I said, why not spread out a bit across the social media and launched FB page and Instagram page – and slowly but surely gathered momentum and following and exceeded 3000 followers/subscribers each.

You can find more info here: