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RANT: Youtube doesn’t like history

As you know I don’t upload and stream much on Youtube because I really prefer to write. Nevertheless, I think it is a good platform that allows people to create really terrific content. Sometimes.

I have mentioned Aircrew Interview already but there are many more other channels created by small production teams that make great content.
Speaking of History, one of them is The Great War, a channel that covered the Great War week by week 100 years later. As the “WWI+100y” finished, the host, Indy Neidell, opened a new channel, World War Two, together with the TimeGhost team. They have a number of other channels including a brilliant collaboration with Sabaton. The channel explains the historical background of Sabaton’s songs and if you are into Metal, it is definitely a must-watch. Or must-subscribe. Whatever.

..And here comes the topic of my rant: Youtube’s TOS. Apparently talking about WW2 and History violates their Terms or Service and their videos have been demonetized (I’m not sure if some or all of them). What the hell? Youtube and social networks are the cesspit of human’s decency. There are good contents and videos but they are a drop in the ocean of neverending idiocy and ignorance. These platforms are the infinite source of dopamine for the people too busy appearing rather than being. Jesus Youtube, what’s wrong with you?

Well, enough with the rant. I leave you with this satirical video about the topic made by the WW2 team. Or, as someone commented:

this is the most elegant middle finger to YouTube I’ve ever seen.

As many other channels, as the mentioned Aircrew Interview, they also use Patreon. Going forward, I see it as theirs (and many other’s) main source of donations and income.

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