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I spend most of my spare time doing tests and studying my favourite DCS modules and playing with Arduino. I opened this site to share my “broodings“, I hope you can find something interesting here 🙂

Initially, the focus was mostly on Arduino but after the release of DCS: F-14B by Heatblur, I fell in love with the role of the Virtual RIO. Since most of the recent articles are about this topic, I decided that a reorganization of the website was necessary. I therefore opened a new page, available from the main menu, dedicated to the Virtual Radar Intercept Officer. Moreover, the articles I wrote on the matter do not follow an organic, homogeneous organization so I structured the new dedicated page in a more friendly and coherent way.

The articles about the F-14 and RIO role are there arranged by topic and divided in three macro categories:

  • The Weapon: articles about the payload and the weapons, such as the study about the AIM-54 Probability of Kill.
  • The Machine: articles about the avionics and how the systems work. For instance, the TID in Ground stab and Aircraft stab modes and the INS.
  • The Crew: articles about the Pilot and the RIO. How they integrate and cooperate and additional tools which are not part of the F-14 avionics such as the NS 430.

Please note that I added articles which are still WIP at the moment to give you an idea on what I am working on. You can spot them by the missing link.

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