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Karon is midnight – and some more news

Quick PSA: I’m about to move so unfortunately I won’t be able to post new content for a while (last time it took a month to have internet back..). Nevertheless, I scheduled the release of some new articles (such as the continuation of the AWG-9 Advanced series).

Hopefully I will be able to finishes a project I’m working on as well: the F-14 Planning Suite. Born as a fork of the old F-14 Payload Calculator, it’s a simple Google Spreadsheet doc that provides features such as:

  • MDC Generator: AF and FP. The Mission Datacard Generator has some automatic functions such as the auto filling of the Airfield details (GND, TWR, ATIS, PAR frequencies, ICAO ID and TACAN channel); the list of airfields is expandable. The Flightplan assistant, part of the MDC, automatically fills latlong coordinates of knows points such as UGKO N, E, S, W, for Kutaisi Airport, other airfields and so on. It also provides a slant range calculation between the waypoints, even the custom-entered ones and also an estimation of the time necessary to complete the flightplan as a function of a selected speed. Again, the list of these points is expandable as you please.
  • MDC Generator: Comms. The second page of the MDC provides a quick means to set up the comms by using a series of combo boxes (or you can just type the frequencies you prefer). It also calculates the yardstick reciprocal and validates it.
  • Payload: The payload selected is ported in the MDC, details of the weight of every component is present (even the empty fuel tanks). This should help the RIO to estimate the weight of the F-14, useful when landing on CVs.
    The laser code is also validated and the total amount of countermeasures is calculated depending on the AN/ALE-39 settings and the presence of LAU-138.
  • Manual bomb delivery: this page provides the range at which a bomb should drop in order to hit a target as a function of ordnance type, speed, diving angle and release altitude.
  • Ripple interval calculator: the ripple distance should be calculated by the RIO depending on factors such as ordnance type, release altitude, diving angle and speed. The output is displayed depending on the allowed input in the Weapons Panel, therefore as multiple of tens of milliseconds. A second parallel table is also customizable and a different interval can be set. This is useful in case you want to export it to a MDC since the initial table is ~100 rows long!
  • Popup attack profile model: still highly WIP, I’m calculating the necessary parameters to place the aircraft at a certain distance, speed, diving angle to match a manual or ripple release. The Math is easy, the practical use probably less, so it will take a while to have it completed.

At some point I may add a way to import flightplans from other sources such as CombatFlite.

Most of the scripts and functions are in place, the problem is populating all the airfield and reference points tables. Worst case scenario, the first release will be a bit poor on this end but users are still free to add them as they please.

The following are some screenshots of the WIP F-14 Planning Suite.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is how the MDC looks in-game. Again, still quite WIP.

That being said, take care folks, and see you in a few weeks!

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