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Hey folks!

The moving is going much slower than expected. My internet connection is quite unstable but, on the other hand, not many interesting things have been released recently: I mean, of course, the new implementation of the AIM-54.

On top of that, I’m a quite burnt-out by all the work I put into the F-14 so far and I’d really like to head back to my natural environment: id est, RW. The Ka-50 cockpit overhaul can’t come soon enough, not to mention the (unfortunately obsolete) Mi-24P.

FW-wise, I was really looking forward to the F-4E but the project has been put on hold / cancelled. A real shame!
Speaking of older aircraft (hence, imo, more interesting), the MiG-23 is another module I look forward to but I’m afraid it will have some issues in the current DCS environment: something really hard to portrait into this game is the doctrine. I wanted to write an in-depth analysis of the topic but the moving occupied and occupies most of my time. Long story short, USSR/Russian aircraft are meant to be flown along a ground controller. Their pilots can be hyperbolically defined as missiles-carrying-taxi drivers. Therefore, in the current DCS environment, even when the setting is across the ’70s and the ’80s, I see this module struggling a lot if no controller is available.
It has the characteristics to become a real neat interceptor for the era though. I really hope to be proven wrong!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll soon be up and running again. Take care folks!

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