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DCS: Reverting to a previous version

A very quick article to show how easy reverting to a previous version of DCS is. If you fly MP you need to often be on the same version of the server or your friends, but if you fly SP, then reverting can be a very simple way to ease the frustration then DCS OB releases cause more harm than good. It is also a more serious answer to the *FUN* article I just posted about the issues of the netcode.

In primis locate your DCS_updater.exe.
There are many ways to do it, the simplest is right-clicking on the Desktop icon (if you have it), then Properties and check the path in the Start in: text box. Mine, for instance, is:

“F:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin”

Now open the console (Start→type “cmd”), or look for the Command Prompt.

It should prompt at the current user’s location. Mine, for instance:


Since my installation folder is on a different drive (an M2 I installed when I upgraded my PC), I need to move there, then navigate to the folder where the executable file is.
NOTE: stands for the carriage return (the [Enter] button). You can press [Tab] to auto-complete.

C:\Users\myusername>f: ↵

F:\> cd DCS World OpenBeta\bin ↵

F:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin>

Now we are in the folder where the Exe is located. If you want, you can verify by running:

F:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin>dir *.exe ↵
Volume in drive F is M2 Games
Volume Serial Number is 6487-CA91

Directory of F:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin

14/02/2020 19:33 2,031,104 curl.exe
31/03/2020 20:43 16,351,232 DCS.exe
17/04/2020 15:42 7,134,208 DCS_updater.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 240,640 edCefCrashpadProcess.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 285,184 edCefRenderProcess.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 338,944 editor.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 567,296 edm_tool.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 172,544 edterrainGraphicsUtils4.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 52,224 fetchEffects.exe
18/12/2019 13:39 16,384 luac.exe
18/12/2019 13:39 22,528 luae.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 26,112 luarun.exe
31/03/2020 20:42 1,757,184 ModelViewer2.exe
13 File(s) 28,995,584 bytes
0 Dir(s) 249,620,054,016 bytes free

F:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin>

And finally we can revert the versions. The syntax is simple:

DCS_updater.exe [command] [version]@[branch]

You can also use this command to switch between stable and back to open beta.

I remember using this command a few times in the past, when the updates literally broke the game (see the article I posted above). Nowadays the status of DCS is much, much better, although the recent 2.5.6x has caused many issues, especially in MP. Therefore, if you want to revert to the last 2.5.5x version, this is what you need to run:

F:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin>DCS_updater.exe update ↵

Version “” is the last version released before moving to the 2.5.6. The complete version numbers can be found here.
You can use any version here, as far as I know. If you immediately change your mind, simply don’t give admin access to DCS updater and it will stop running.

CMD showing the last steps of the revert process.

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