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[FUN] Stop complaining about DCS 2.5.6 MP Performance!

The following video is from a server we used to use in 2012. More than 7 Years ago.

So save yourself some bile: DCS’s basically like the pandemics that happen every 100 years. Its netcode becomes rubbish every 7 years!
(actually more often)

Hopefully before 2027 we’ll have a new net code 😀
(no seriously ED, please…)

On a more serious note, if you do not fly online on updated servers, you can simply avoid updating or reverting to a previous version.
In the 132nd Virtual Wing we have a “NOTAM” system: when a patch is released, it is not installed by the players until it is tested and found stable. This prevents a lot of issues and frustration.
It is not ideal of course, but it is better than nothing.

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