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Dave “Bio” Baranek: Tomcat RIO

Tomcat RIO: A Topgun Instructor on the F-14 Tomcat and the Heroic Naval Aviators Who Flew It” is the third book written by Dave “Bio” Baranek. I saw it on Amazon whilst looking for a copy of Black Aces High and bought it immediately.

I am halfway though the book and really enjoying the journey so far: as you can tell from the numerous interviews available on the internet, “Bio” is an incredible storyteller. He makes you feel like you are home, with a friend sharing his experiences. You can feel the human side, the excitement and the love for his job.

I usually finish a book are read it a couple of times before suggesting it, but this is a good exception. If you like biographies, the US Navy, the F-14 and stories told with a simple, yet effective and engaging style, than this book is a highly recommended.

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