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132nd VW New Squadron: 24th “Death Dealers”

The 132nd VW introduces the new squadron: the 24th "Death Dealers".
The 24th joins the ranks of the other rotary-wing squadrons flying the Ka-50 and the Mi-8. Initially flying the SA 342 Gazelle, it will then convert to the OH-58 Kiowa.

The 132nd Virtual Wing introduces a new squadron: the 24th Death Dealers. The 24th is currently flying the SA 342, but will move to the OH-58 Kiowa once the module is released by Polychop. The CO is Sly, and the recruitment should be opened soon.

The SA 342 has a mixed reputation in DCS, some says it is accurate, others not. Whatever the case, it is a good platform to work on the basics (training, development of TTP and SOP, and so on) of the new Attack Reconnaissance RW squadron.

Light RW Capabilities

The abilities the new squadron brings to the table are various and numerous:

  1. RECCE operations;
  2. SCAR: Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance;
  3. AR: Armed Reconnaissance;
  4. CAS: Close Air Support;
  5. FAC(A): Forward Air Controller (Airborne);
  6. COIN: Counter Insurgency;
  7. ESCORT operations;
  8. SEAD: Suppression of Enemy Air Defences;
  9. DEAD: Destruction of Enemy Air Defences.

The capabilities of a small rotary-wing aircraft can better be explained by this passage of the squadron presentation:

Unique to the role of the small and maneuverable helicopter is the ability to perform otherwise high-risk SEAD/DEAD missions while remaining undetected by enemy radar, presenting opportunities to suppress/destroy enemy air defense to make way for follow-on attacks from fixed-wing aircraft. The OH-58D is also the ideal platform to conduct FAC(A) due to the sensor suite and quick immediate-area maneuver options.

In addition, the 24th vAR is designed to support the roles of other rotary-wing squadrons and fixed-wing squadrons by providing low-level reconnaissance from a forward operating position.

24th vAR Capabilities Brief

A welcomed complement

The 24th, operating the Gazelle, is a great addition to the already existing rotary-wing squadrons (I’m not sure ATM if the 132nd VW will launch a Mi-24P Hind squadron as well at some point):

  • 696th Turnskins, operating the Ka-50;
  • 259th The Polar Bears, operating the Mi-8.

On top of the other A-G oriented squadrons, such as the JTAC squadron (23rd); and FW assets such as the A-10C (617th), the F/A-18C (494th) and the F-16C (338th), and even our beloved F-14 Tomcat (108th).

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If you are interested in joining the 132nd VW or the new 24th squadron, head to the 132nd website and Discord!

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