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New GPU – Finally!

After almost 5 years, it's time to retire my good old 1070!

Although the current semiconductor situation is absolutely crazy and with no short end in sight (initially it should have gone better by Q3-21!), combined with the mediocre performance of my old, pre-Ti 1070, at 3440×1440, eventually pushed me to find an alternative. A Black Friday sale eventually sealed the deal and I got a new GPU: MSI 6900XT Gaming Z Trio.

The rest of the hardware is the same I assembled two years ago:

  • 3900X 4.6Ghz 12 cores
  • 64GB 3200Mz (a shame the 3600+ were so expensive back then)
  • ASUS X570-E

I haven’t tuned anything yet, only DDU’d the old drivers, installed the new AMD and fired up 3D Mark (chances are that there’s a ton of rubbish enabled by default in the GPU config; not to mention a ton of work-related processes I forgot to close in the background):

Fire Strike 4K

Time Spy 4K

Port Royal


DCS is not really measurable, but I jumped in a bunch of crowded servers with 30+ players and the FPS ranged between 60 and 70 with these settings (3440×1440). With a bit of tuning, the fps can improve even more:

SSLR and SSAO do not impact too much, but do not bring anything drastic enough to justify the cost in terms of fps.
The DCS RAM consumption hit 22 GB (not a problem with 64GB on board), but this happened even with my old plain 1070, and it seems related more to the preload radius than the visibility range or other settings.

Who knows, perhaps in a few months we will finally see the first implementation of Vulcan and whatnot, and finally use all the additional CPU cores are not sitting there to rust.

I did not know the reflections in DCS were so good!

Considering that no settings were changed, it’s not too bad at all, as expected.
Now I just need to find a Pilot happy to fly me around!

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