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Light Infantry: Training & Tactics Videos – ArmA3

In the festive period that close every year, many virtual groups and wings cease their operations, and will resume with the new year. Similarly, I decided to pause the usual work to focus on reading (mostly books about the F-4 Phantom II) and playing something more relaxing. Namely, I reinstalled ArmA3 after a few years and played a new DLC. This brought back a few great memories.

I decided to try “Global Mobilization“, which is not new for anyone but whoever has not touched the game in the last 3-4 years (I miserably failed, tbh). Then I remembered I made a bunch of ArmA3 training videos in the past, about 5-6 years ago, whilst playing in a British group: “Volunteer Commando Battalion“, or VCB. This group aims to portray realistic missions usually played from the perspective of a British light infantry platoon, and features a good number of former and active military personnel. If you want to know more about them, I strongly recommend visiting the website linked above and have a look at CharlesZulu’s YouTube channel.

Training Videos

I made the following videos using Windows Move Maker; hence they are basic and lack any proper animation.

If you are into simulations, chances are that you have played one or more than one game developed by Bohemia Interactive; from the incredible Operation Flashpoint back in 2001, to the ArmA series. And, who knows, perhaps one day we will see a worthy title able to successfully mix the strengths of ArmA and DCS in a single game!

I decided to re-upload eight videos in total, covering various topics. Unfortunately, back then, I wasn’t given the permission to upload a neat exercise about Close Air Support control.

  1. Modern Urban Combat (MUC) part 1: Room and Compound clearance;
  2. Modern Urban Combat (MUC) part 2: Built-up areas;
  3. Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) part 2A: Fast-roping and Advanced CQB;
  4. Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) part 2B: Vehicle drills;
  5. Concept of “Deliberate Attack”;
  6. Jungle Drills;
  7. 60mm Mortar part I: Combat support;
  8. 60mm Mortar part II: Practical tests.

The last video is a bunch of tests I made to simplify the corrections for the mortar (or, at least, that was the initial objective).
Other videos, are lessons or extracts from presentations held in the virtual field.

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