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News & Co. – Feb 2022

A quick update about book and site. More about the book, actually, as that's where all my spare time is going. I am now sitting at 624 pages, 149,302 words, 862,507 characters and a total of 476 images.

Content-wise, I finished a brief study about the INS, and I am attempting to contact a SME / former RIO for some clarifications about a couple of curious findings.
Once that’s done, then almost all the blocks necessary to complete the discussion about Navigation will be completed.
Navigation is itself a fundamental preamble to the discussion about air-to-ground missions (CAS excluded). Moreover, this topic has a lot in common with the F-4 and the F-5, both needed for the campaign I’m planning.
However, air-to-ground missions are more pilot-oriented tasks. The internal draft contains a few examples and profiles, but I do not plan too in-depth into the discussion.

I am considering the possibility of releasing a fourth public draft, as the final version of this book will not be ready before mid/late-2022 at the minimum.
I do release internal versions on my Discord for Patreon and other supporters and Collaborators. Give me a shout if you want to see another public draft, I won’t release it if there is no interest.

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