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Arduino box: F/A-18 UFC ¦ Ka-50 PRTz & PVI-800

I finished few minutes ago to code the firmware for my last Arduino control box.


I have controlled the PRTz and the PVI-800 in the Ka-50 with my CH MFP since BS1. It works quite well but the lack of space forces me to have it on my right side and reach it with my left arm is all but comfortable. Hence I decided to build something ad hoc. Moreover, I thought that, at some point, I will have to learn a fixed-wing so why not shaping the new box as the F/A-18 UFC?

The box sports:
26x pushbuttons
2x 3-way latched switches
4x 2-way latched switches
5x encoders, each with its own pushbutton

One of the 2-way switches is the Master Mode selector. Its purpose is to double the functions assigned to each momentary pushbutton (encoders’ pushbuttons included). This brings the total number of logical controls to 86 (although I could code the Master Mode to the encoders, increasing this number even more).

This is a quick test of the functions:

Next step is finding appropriate decals for the box. I have a few from the CH MFP but of course they don’t have TACAN, IFF, ENCON and similar functions. Any ideas, folks?

Once I’m satisfied with the firmware I will polish it and upload it here.

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