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October ’18 – Current Setup & Future plans

This is the current status of my setup, although it won’t last long 🙂


The UFC/PRTz/PVI-800 is proving to be one of the best and most useful box I have built so far. I don’t fly the F/A-18 much so I don’t have a concrete idea of how much the UFC is used, but on the Ka-50 is great: the bottom encoder and buttons control the ABRIS, the numpad is great to input data such as target coordinates in the PVI-800 and, by simply toggling the Master Mode, I have control over the PRTz.


But my update is not finished yet! I have found a 7″ 800×600 LCD monitor that might fit well as Shkval or the F/A-18 moving map (MCPD?).
This is a diagram of the current setup (I always plan my changes in this 1:1 LibreOffice Draw-made diagram):


The first step will be the addition of two boxes, one for each MFD. The TFT will be also rotated horizontally and placed on top of the UFC.


Finally, I plan to attach the Saitek Throttle Quadrant to the bottom of the left box to increase the whole stability and, starting by one, adding the 7″ monitors. The Thrustmaster MFDs will be fixed by means of Velcro, so I can remove them in case of flying on the Ka-50.


I’m still not sure about the right LCD. It will be a later addition to the setup; I might place it vertically so it will be a decent ABRIS.

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