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Reviewing DCS-BIOS & TFT

Due to the changes to my setup, I had to rotate the TFT. I originally planned to rewrite the code from scratch since in the first implementation I have used different techniques but, at the end of the day, I decided to keep most of the code.

This is the original TFT for the Ka-50, based on DCS-BIOS:

..aaand *drum rolls* this is the new one!

The new implementation of the TFT

I haven’t recorded a video yet, I will do it sooner or later.
I have added a few useful information that normally are not easy to read, such as the RPM limits for the left and right engine (impossible to read if head-down or zoomed in), the UGM8 selector (НР/АКС in Russian) to check the ballistic settings before firing a rocket / gunpod and a reminder of the Auto/Manual authority over the weapons.
A message will also remind me when it’s time to turn on the fuel tanks Cross Feed, plus a status light will confirm the switch position. The four circles represents the external pumps: when they turn off, the external tank is empty.
Finally, the VVI is now digital, with a big symbol indicating the current status: ↑, ↓, =.

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