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Arduino Control Box: a Step by Step Guide – Part 7 – Closing the cirle

At this point, the Control Box should be finished, the last step is downloading the firmware and upload it to the board. I have covered the whole process in this post.

Now it’s testing time!
In order to test buttons and encoders, you can use the Windows Game Controllers (Start→”Set Up USB controllers”). It can check the status of up to 32 buttons, so it’s very, very limited.

A great alternative is Pointy’s Joystick Test. This simple yet very useful program allows you to test way more buttons. I have used it to test both my Auxiliary Panel and the Virpil MongoosT-50 Throttle.

Throubleshooting this Control Box is quite straightforward: software-wise there’s little to nothing to do; the harware continuity test should have been performed and passed already.

Now open DCS and start assigning you buttons. The Control Box will be seen by DCS as any other controller such as joysticks or pedals and identified by the name you have defined when you have changed the VID and PID.

Assigning functions to the Control Boxes in DCS

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