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The RIO seat – Part II

As mentioned in the Part I, this is not a real guide whereas a quick dive into my last project.


Quite straightforward here. The wiring diagram is basically the same I used since I built my Auxiliary Box. I don’t even draw it anymore.

As you can imagine, the table starts immaculate.. then becomes a mess. Amen.

The wiring is very simple: momentary inputs on a series of resistors, encoders on two pins each (their pushbuttons is wired with the other momentary buttons). The Radar box hosts a single 2-way latched switch I use as Master. The Toolbox instead has no such feature. The reason is the maximum amount of inputs that HID can sustain: 128. The Radar box provides in fact 121 buttons counting everything (the Master Switch doubles the inputs and selects if some 3-way momentary behaves normally or as toggle for 3-ways) whereas the Toolbox sports approx 70 buttons. A Master Switch not only will hardly fit due to the small size of the box, but will also skyrocket the number of inputs provided to 140. Yes, some can be “workarounded” by disguising them as POV but the problem remains.

This is the result after the first round of wiring:

I did some tests with some fellow 132nd pilots on a Czech server and I was quite happy.

I played later on Georgia At War with a pilot I met on discord and I was quite satisfied by my setup.

Unfortunately I had some issues with the mic so my voice is very, very low. I fixed later and my latest streaming is much better.

The lack of encoders makes operating the radar in a more complex environment a bit more challenging. Nothing compare to the visual bug of the TID of the lack of bindings though. Hopefully Heatblur will provide them asap.

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