DCS F-14 & RIO Gaming

Kneeboard Pack v1

New Kneeboard “Hub”

The new versions of the Kneeboard Pack, along with details of the pages, changelog and other info are now available in a centralized page here, rather than in different pages spread across the website.

Available in the Download page, this “Kneeboard Pack” consists of some of the pages I use myself when flying the Ka-50 or the F-14B. Four pages are included in this first pack, more will be released later:

  • Pressure Conversion Table: Millibar, inches of Hg, millimeters of Hg. This old table allows to rapidly convert the pressure value provided by ATIS to different units of measurement. Especially useful for the Ka-50 and the Mi-8.
  • RIO Hasty Startup Procedure: this checklist contains the list of necessary operations to start the F-14B from the RIO seat.
  • AWG-9 Elevation Model: the antenna elevation angle as a function of the distance to the target. Useful, for instance, to quickly find DL targets with the AWG-9.
  • INS TACAN Update procedure: details of the TACAN stations for Caucasus and Persian Gulf plus the Magnetic Variation (year 2011, default in our squadron).


Kneeboards pages are simple images therefore the installation procedure consists in a simple copy-paste into the appropriate folder. Kneeboard pages can be created ad hoc for a specific module, for each module and terrain, and so on.
Simply unzip the file into your Saved Games → DCS folder. Something like:

[Drive]:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta

or, for the Stable version:

[Drive]:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\DCS

The Zip automatically creates the necessary subfolders for the Tomcat and the Shark.

If you can see the Kneeboard subfolder in DCS.openbeta (or DCS for stable), the pages should work correctly.

[Drive]:\Users\[Username]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard

Feel free to customize and rearrange the folder. E.g. you can have the Pressure Table for the Mi-8 or any other Russian aircraft as well. To do so, create a folder having the appropriate name for the module you want and copy-paste the Pressure Table file into it.
Such names are the same used by DCS to identify each module. Have a look in


This is my \mods\aircraft folder. Depending on the modules installed, you have more or less subfolders:


As usual, feel free to provide feedback or request additional pages or content 🙂


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