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A Year of Fly-And-Wire

The Past

I opened this website a year ago, initially using WordPress’ free domain and space. I started by porting my decade-old guide about Sharing data in the Ka-50 and writing the Step by Step guide to build a simple Arduino-based Control Box. The latter is actually the reason why I opened this site: having a place to organize guides, firmware and docs about Arduino.


I bought BS1 in 2008, on the very release day, and never left it until the arrival of Heatblur’s F-14.
This website has consequentially took at sharp turn in the direction of the Tomcat.

Five months ago I decided to upgrade the site a bit and rented a domain. “Fly-By-Wire” is a well known term in aviation and the name of my website is clearly inspired to that concept: since I Fly virtually in DCS (although I look forward to get a RW PPL) and I Wire my controllers, Fly-And-Wire seemed a nice name and a good fit!


The Present

If you follow my articles every know and then, you know I like numbers. So, let’s have a look, shall we?

Visitors wise, the numbers have increased steadily with the exception of July (twoweeker abroad and other reasons).

Views and Visits – 10 Sept 2019

I like the fact that the difference between Visitors and Viewed pages is quite big: it means that most of my visitors read more than one page whereas the contrary is typical of clickbait, contents-poor sites.

The following are the Visitors’ countries and the most viewed page:

fly-and-wire-1-year-countries-10-sept-2019 fly-and-wire-1-year-pages-10-sept-2019.jpeg

I don’t promote my site almost at all. Every couple months I post on r/hoggit, I sometimes link my articles in Hoggit’s Discord if they can be useful to new players and very rarely in the Forum of Eagle Dynamics.

I recently opened Twitter and Facebook pages. I’m not a great fan of social networks but I have to admit they are quite handy to stay up-to-date and discuss.


The Future

Not much to say here. This is small, personal site about the hobbies I like. Therefore the focus of the site won’t change anytime soon.
DCS-wise, I definitely look forward to the F-4E, postponed due to the F-16C, and the future multicrew rotary-wing modules such as the Hind.

I may write some words about Star Citizen at some point. I’m a Veteran Backer (I joined in May 2013) and despite the fact that the project is taking centuries, it’s quite enjoyable when played with a group of friends.
The last time I recorded something about it was in Vanduul Swarm, the game version was 0.8; it was 5 years ago.

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