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Lazy Summer News

Hey there! Just a couple of news about articles and stuff I’m working on in this slow, masked, a bit boring, summer.

New stuff ahead

I have a few things going on that are taking most of my spare time, namely updating the documentation and TRP for our F-14B Squadron in the 132nd Virtual Wing and researching topics I am still not entirely familiar with, such as WVR procedures and Intercepts. Expect at some point a bunch of articles similar to the ones I wrote about BVR 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new series of articles focused on some basic concepts that are often taken for granted, but that should be very clear as they constitute the bedrock on which more complex topics are discussed.
This series is aimed mostly to new players, so I will focus on getting the message concise, clear and straightforward:

  • Coordinates, such as DD, DMS, DMM, as they are sometimes confused, causing issues a wide range of issues (e.g. missing a target with a JDAM or poor TCN INS Fix).
  • Airspeed, in other words, the difference between IAS, TAS, GS, Mach and so on. This is potentially the most complex articles of the three, so I will try to keep it as simple and coincide as possible.
  • Brevity Codes, as they are usually represented as a never ending list of weird words with little or no context. By grouping them by topic or scenario instead they become more understandable and easy to remember.

Finally, another Short Q & Short A is WIP and it is about the F-14, the aircraft, its history and the DCS module.

Meanwhile… Op Blue Harvest, Day I Night I

I put together a “short” video about our latest Combat Event. Almost four hours passed between the startup and the shutdown. Four hours in complete darkness, with multiple AAR, BVR, merge and finally CASE III recovery. When we landed we were knackered but still quite happy about our performance, although there are dozens of things I should improve as RIO.

I hope you enjoy!

Props to my pilot Entropy, our wingman Fritter, the controllers Torun and Magnet and the mission designers, Evo and Bear!

Thank you!

We are getting close to the 50,000 views mark for the year 2020 (48,581 at the moment). I’m extremely proud of this achievement, even more so considering the Views/Visitors ratio is close to 5 (meaning, each visitor, on average, reads/views 5 pages). This means, I hope, that you find the content of this website somewhat interesting 🙂

Lastly, a massive thank you to everyone that is supporting this website. I never expected anyone to ever do that and it makes me feel both proud and happy to see so many people sharing the same passion for aviation and fight sims.
Thank you! o7

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