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Mission Datacard Generator 2.0b


This version of the MDC Generator is outdated. Newer versions are available in this dedicated page (from the top menu: “F-14 & RIO” → “Mission Datacard Generator“)

I did not have much time to work on the MDCG so this is an ad interim version until I managed to add some new features, such as a dedicated and dynamic kneeboard page showing the MagVar values for the specified in-game date and support for multiple pages per airfield, to include IFR charts and so on.

Speaking of charts, I added the Syrian airports charts made by CombatWombat to the MDCG. This allows to include the charts for the Departure, Arrival and Divert airfields directly into the Kneeboard by means of a single click.
A massive thank you to CombatWombat, make sure to check his other uploads.


Other features of the MDCG 2.0B include a simple button to reset the whole Planner and the conversion from script to spreadsheet function of the calculation of the distance. I noticed that sometimes the calculation got stuck due to limitations (or restrictions) of Google Docs. By using spreadsheet functions, this problem does not happen any more. Lastly, I added a very simple latlong converter from DMS to DDM, following the discussion about the format of the coordinates.

Get your copy of the files here.

  • MDC Generator (outdated);
  • MDC Data (outdated);
  • Kneeboard Pages (outdated);

Usual disclaimer: this is a simple tool I made for myself that I’m sharing just because “why not?“. Setting it up is not really intuitive, instructions can be found here (remember to allow access to the different sheets).


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