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Tomcat-Dedicated Podcast: The F-14 Tomcast

Shoutout to this terribly underrated podcast.
The F-14 Tomcast is wholly dedicated to our beloved Grumman F-14 Tomcat (what else could it be with that name, innit? :) ). Hosts are the former F-14 pilot Craig "Crunch" Snyder and the former RIO Dave "Bio" Baranek, along a guest in every episode.

Although it does not go as much as I’d like into the details of the beast, it is very informal and open; hence it is a superb introduction to the aircraft for new DCS F-14 players and Tomcat aficionados alike.

This is the YouTube playlist with all the episodes so far.

Five episodes have been released so far. The following are the ones I enjoyed the most:

  • AWG-9 / AIM-54: the discussion is not very in-depth, but it is a very interesting overview of the systems;
  • Flying the F-14: some great insights about the different variants of the F-14, and especially about the F-14A, and how it was not the subpar version that many think.

And speaking of “Bio”, he has a YouTube channel too!

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