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Introducing: Iran ’87 MP Campaign

As a distraction from the never-ending writing and to solve my schedule issues, I decided to put together (and host) a multiplayer campaign set during the final years of the Iranian - Iraqi conflict.
Introducing: Iran '87.

The campaign uses the Persian Gulf map and depicts a low-intensity conflict based on 70s/80s technology; thus removing one of the aspects that make DCS often quite tedious: the perfect SA provided by datalink, AWACS/EW and RWRs. Players, in fact, will have to deal with rough terrain limiting the EW ground coverage, imprecise intel and limited resources, and will have to communicate and cooperate in-cockpit to achieve the mission objectives. Objectives that they will be able to define at a later stage.

How to participate, more information and details are available in the page dedicated to the Campaign.

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