Media Recommendations – YouTube [October 22]

Now and then I recommend podcasts, videos, books, and other media.
Here are a couple of YouTube channels I have been following for quite a long time and are undoubtedly worth watching.

Military Aviation History

Chris is the host of Military Aviation History, a channel that covers different topics, from WW II to modern days, and features interviews, in-depth analysis of a variety of topics, visits to museums and cockpit tours.

He is also a writer, author of three books so far:

  1. STUKA: The Doctrine of the German Dive-Bomber
  2. The Assault Platoon of the Grenadier-Company 1944
  3. German Army Regulation on the Medium Tank Company H. Dv. 470/7 Mittlere Panzerkompanie from May 1941

The attention to detail in his videos in fantastic and the sources are clearly mentioned, something I really appreciate and very few do.


The Operations Room / The Intel Report

This is a popular channel among military history enthusiasts. Opened in mid-2019, it initially covered mostly WW II events, and saw its popularity explode as it moved towards the Vietnam War and especially the 1991 Gulf War.
The animation style is simple yet very effective, the narration is precise and explains the action clearly without sparing details.

The Operations Room announced a few days a fork, creating a sister channel called “The Intel Report“, using a wider scope and including aspects such as the strategy, intelligence, and technology.


  • The Operations Room – YouTube;
  • The Intel Report – YouTube (new channel).

10 Percent True

This Channel has a criminally low number of subscribers (bold coming from me, and my 600 beloved subs!).
The host is Steve Davies, a former aviation photojournalist and writer.
The channel mostly consists in a series of interviews, akin to Aircrew Interview. However, the pace is somewhat slower and the interviews are much longer, sometimes split into multiple parts. This approach has the benefit of increasing the depth of the discussion, which goes into much greater detail without feeling rushed.


Fun fact: I have read Steve Davies’ “Red Eagles: America’s Secret MiGs” recently, and I have just connected that they are the same person. Or at least I think they are: the book includes a link pointing to an expired domain called, and the logo of 10 Percent True shows an “F” and a “J” in the top row.

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