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F-14 108th Sq. “Spectres” Operative and Accepting Applications!

132nd.Looney is the first RIO qualified as Mission Ready, marking the official launch of the 108th Spectres. We are from now accepting applications to the newborn squadron, initially for one Pilot and two RIOs.

If you want to apply or simply know more, please read our Rules first and then join us in our Discord and Forum.

132nd.Looney in his MQT flight.

The 108th Spectres is a virtual squadron part of the 132nd Virtual Wing. The vWing goes back long way back, and offers extensive training with no previous experience required. The squadrons active at the moment are, on top of the shiny new 108th Virtual Fighter Squadron – “Spectres” flying the F-14:

  • 617th Virtual Fighter Squadron – “Dambusters”: flying the A-10C;
  • 696th Virtual Squadron – “Turnskins”: flying the Ka-50;
  • 176th Virtual Air Control Squadron – “Eyes of the North”: our controllers ATC and AWACS;
  • 23rd Special Tactics vSquadron – “The Arctic Foxes”: the JTACs;
  • 259th Virtual Auxiliary Squadron – “The Polar Bears”: flying the Mi-8;
  • 494th Virtual Fighter Squadron – “Panthers”: flying the F/A-18C.

The 388th Virtual Fighter Squadron – “The Peregrines”, flying on the upcoming F-16C, is already planned.

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Each squadron has his own group of IPs and the training follows a similar structure:

  1. Initial Qualification Training (IQT);
  2. Mission Qualification Training (MQT);
  3. Continuation Training (CT);
  4. Upgrades(UGT).

More information about the training can be found here.


The 132nd Virtual Wing do not required any specific attendance and exclusive membership: you can be part of any group you want and still fly with us. We do appreciate commitment and regular participation, the latter especially during the first phases of the training. Real life comes always first though!

Our training sessions and missions are open to external guests and friends from other vSquadrons unless otherwise specified (happens very rarely). Our last open operation, OP URGENT FURY MSN 12 (22/09/2019), has seen 40 Pilots, RIOs and Controllers from the 132nd VW and other groups.

Our Discord has over 200 members, feel free to join us for questions or just out of curiosity!

Speaking of some of our missions and trainings, here are some videos and stream:

F/A-18C: OP URGENT FURY MSN 12: 132nd.Ashilta

Ka-50: OP URGENT FURY MSN 11: 132nd.Inigo

Mi-8: OP CAUCASUS DEFENDER: 132nd.Entropy

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